Visiting Ellsworth

In Maine, the saying is “You can’t get there from heah.” In our case, if you are coming to Downeast Maine, you can get here. Ellsworth is the crossroads of Downeast Maine with Routes 1, 1A and 3 all merging in town.

The City of Ellsworth is situated at the head of navigation on the Union River and that position places it strategically in the center of activity on the water and on the land.

Once an important shipbuilding port, the harbor is now devoted largely to pleasure craft.

Major highways intersect in the heart of the City and connect it to places along the coast and to the interior. Despite the old Maine saying that “you can’t get there from here,” you can get anywhere you’d like to go from Ellsworth. By the same token it’s quite easy to get here from wherever you might be.

As the shire town for Hancock County, Ellsworth is a center of governmental and commercial activity. Several shopping centers and a lively historic downtown area attract visitors from a wide circuit. Museums, historic buildings, tree-lined streets, and the unique Grand Theater make this city the place to begin and end your visit, or, even better, a place to settle down and stay awhile. Many hotels, inns, and a variety of fine restaurants are available to make your visit enjoyable.

As can be seen on the map, it is but a short drive to many interesting and picturesque places along the Downeast coast. Dozens of harbors shelter fishing boats or serve as the launch sites for the many boat builders of the region. The several sections of Acadia National Park are all accessible from Ellsworth. Each of these is worthy of your attention.